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GOD changed the name of several people that He anointed for His purpose to denote their destiny as well as their new image in Him.  He changed the name of Abram to Abraham because He would become the father of many nations. (Gen 17:5)  He changed the name of Abraham's wife from Sarai which meant, "my princess" to Sarah meaning "mother of many nations".  (Gen 17:15)  He changed the name of Jacob to Isreal in Gen 32:8 meaning, "having power with God."  He also changed Simon's name meaning, "God has heard" to Peter meaning Rock (John 1:42) . 

In Genesis 1:10 there appears a record of GOD during creation where He gathered the waters and called the Sea's . . .and it was good. 

Calvin "Seanote" Byrd believes He has been called by GOD to gather in from the Sea of humanity lost souls into the Kingdom of GOD through music, Christian Movies and speaking the word of GOD.  This is his ministry and he is wonderfully gifted by GOD.  His music heals . . .it delivers  . . .it encourages  . . .and it ignites fire and passion into your soul.